Server Co-location

Server Co-location

TPT Techno Solutions is one of India's leading Colocation Data Centre providers in chennai; offering completely spare, scalable, nimble, flexible and secure terrain to an enterprise for its business operations. TPT Techno Solutionsprovides a unique value proposition: a secure, world- class original Data Center 24/7 engineering and support backed by the coffers and specialised moxie.

TPT Techno Solutions Data Centre Services includes colocation services, tackle installation and conservation, data recovery services, data backup and archiving, web hosting services, commercial correspondence service etc. Which is combined with nonstop and effective specialised support. We offer Tier 3 ready Data Centre which can be completely customizable as per your Business conditions.

Since 2001 TPT Techno Solutions has been in this field, so we understand and value your business; hence upholds the Service position Agreement( SLA) which guarantees99.95 network uptime, power service and temperature stability. As a data centre, we're then to ensure that your business long- term requirements are met effectively and we've the capability to gauge up or down seamlessly grounded on your business requirements.


Member of IRINN
BGP with own ASN and IP Blocks
On premise MUX of Upstream service provider for quick scalability
N+1 Parallel redundant UPS with automated back up generators
HT Electric connection with dedicated transformer
20+ years in business with own data centers at India and USA
0% down time for the last 5+ years